LiquidFiles Documentation

LiquiFiles v3.2

  • The /sent URL is now /messages/sent
  • The /messages URL is now /messages/inbox
  • The Admin Group API use_specified is now can_use_specified
  • The Admin Group API use_specified_and_domains is now can_use_specified_and_local
  • A lot of client info request changes for consistency. The old requests will be removed in v3.4. Please see the Client Info Request API documentation for more info.

LiquiFiles v3.1

  • In the Admin → User API: The strong_auth parameter is now strong_auth_type with the possible values:, disabled, duo, otp_enable & otp_require.
  • In the Admin → Group API: enable_private_message is now can_change_private_message.
  • Checksum now uses SHA-256 and anywhere the Message ID is used, it is now the full Message ID, not just the first 8 characters.

LiquiFiles v3.0

  • In LiquidFiles v3.x, the main format has changed from XML to JSON. This is mostly a format change, only a few messages has changed. Please see the Client Info Request API documentation for some deprecated parameters.
  • The XML based API will be removed in LiquidFiles v3.3.

LiquidFiles v2.x

  • Added XML based file uploads (for simpler API integration that works for smaller files).
  • Added additional responses when sending to make it easier to integrate into existing work flow

LiquidFiles v1.6

  • LiquidFiles v1.6 has a completely different API authentication scheme from earlier. All scripts will need to be rebuilt.

LiquidFiles v1.2

  • The first LiquidFiles API was introduced in the Filetransfer appliance version 1.2.