LiquidFiles Documentation
LiquidFiles version compared to API version
LiquidFiles Version API Version
LiquidFiles v3.x API v4
LiquidFiles v2.x API v3
LiquidFiles v1.6-v1.8 API v2
LiquidFiles v1.2-v1.5 API v1

API Version History

Changes in API v4

In LiquidFiles v3.x, the main format has changed from XML to JSON. This is mostly a format change, only a few messages has changed. Please see the Client Info Request API documentation for some deprecated parameters.

The XML based API will be removed in LiquidFiles v3.2.

There was some changes after the API v4 documentation was completed and you will need to use at least LiquidFiles v3.0.8 for the API to work as expected, unless where otherwise noted.

Changes in API v3

  • v3 was introduced with LiquidFiles v2.0, it is an extension to v2.
  • Any integration using v2 will work with v3 as well.
  • Added XML based file uploads (for simpler API integration that works for smaller files).
  • Added additional responses when sending to make it easier to integrate into existing work flow

Changes in API v2

  • API v2 was introduced with the Filetransfer appliance version 1.6.
  • API v2 has a completely different authentication scheme from v1. All scripts will need to be rebuilt.

Changes in API v1

  • API v1 was introduced with the Filetransfer appliance version 1.2.