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LiquidFiles Documentation
Last Updated: v3.7

User API Key Authentication

The main API key authentication method has been available since we added the first API function. It's a relatively simple methods but has some limitations that the User API Key authentication aims to improve on. Namely:

  • Enabling Expiration for API Keys
  • Enabling support for strong two-factor authentication (2FA).

What is User API Key Authentication?

The User API Key authentication enables retrieval of an API key using a web browser.

If we take the Outlook plugin as an example, when you click authenticate, a web browser window will popup with login prompt. You complete the authentication and at the end of it the browser window there will be a Authenticated Successful message and also a hidden div that looks like the following:

<div class="d-none" id="api_key">3noyMlZyGuQFkZjgzhU4jzAQHXMtBT725GQhAZsm313k</div>