LiquidFiles Documentation

Every so often we get questions like: Someone has sent me a file and I can't access it and it's really urgent, can you help. Or I've sent file to someone and they've said they haven't got it, can you look into why they haven't got it?

LiquidFiles is not a cloud service, meaning that we do not have access to any of our customers LiquidFiles system, or any customer data. We can unfortunately not assist with anything of what's going on inside any customers system, regardless how urgent it may be.

We can only assist Administrators of a particular LiquidFiles system and assist them how to troubleshoot their own system. So if you're an Administrator of a LiquidFiles system and don't know how to troubleshoot an email delivery issue, we can point out that you need look in Admin → System Log where all emails sent are being logged, or if someone can't access a system we can point out that you need to search for the user or message ID in Admin → Activity Log. But we cannot do this for you. Only the Administrator of a LiquidFiles system can see the actual data in their respective system.

To use an analogy, if someone sent you a file and you can't access it, asking us is the equivalent of calling up Toyota and say "I had a couple of removalists moving some stuff for me today and I saw they where using a Toyota truck — can you check what's happening with that?" And of course, the Toyota car company has no idea what's happening with their trucks and instead you need to contact the company that's using the truck to see what's happening. Or in the LiquidFiles case, you will need to contact an Administrator of the LiquidFiles system, or possibly the sender of the files that can contact the Administrators of the LiquidFiles system in question. We have as little info what's going on inside each LiquidFiles system as Toyota has with the trucks or cars after they've sold them.