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Vendor Onboarding Forms/Security Questionaires

Over time, it has become more and more common for customers and potential customers to use Vendor Onboard Forms and Security Questionaires. Some of these are very simple with just some official company and banking details and some are very detailed with lots of questions. This article outlines what's required in regards to this from a LiquidFiles perspective.

LiquidFiles Internal Information

We don't disclose any LiquidFiles internal information such as turnover, number of staff, number of customers or anything similar. If you have a form with that asks any questions like this, we require that these fields are either marked as optional, or if there's dropdown options that there's an option to select "not applicable" or similar.

We will not fill something in just to satisfy your form validation. If you require something to be filled in that we can't we will stop the submission and ask that you remove the requirement.

LiquidFiles Personal Information

Same as above, we don't provide personal information about anyone within LiquidFiles. You can use "Support" as a name and as an email. We don't provide any phone numbers.

We will not fill something in just to satisfy your form validation. If you require something to be filled in that we can't we will stop the submission and ask that you remove the requirement.

Security Questionaires

When we see Security Questionaires they are almost always targeted towards Cloud based solutions, which is not applicable to LiquidFiles. There is often questions like "what's the access control method for the data centre" and the answer will be something like "LiquidFiles is not a Cloud service, you can install LiquidFiles anywhere you want, with whatever level of security for your data centre that you require". Or there could be a question like "how do handle staff security awareness training for system administrators" and the answer will be something like "LiquidFiles does not manage your system or your data, you can perform any required security awereness training for your staff as required".

Now, from our experience there will likely be a small portion of (technical) questions that are relevant to non-cloud solutions such as LiquidFiles. Perhaps a question like "can we require that all System Administrators use Strong Two-Factor Authentication" and the answer will be something like "yes, you can require all System Administrators to use Strong Two-Factor Authentication. This is configured in Admin → Groups".

So while we can fill in any required forms, please be aware that if your security questionaire is targeted towards Cloud based solutions, there will be a lot of answers with variations of this is Not Applicable as LiquidFiles is not a Cloud Service.


We're happy to fill in short forms free of charge. For longer/more in-depth onboarding forms and questionaires, we will charge an upfront fee of USD$200/hour.

If we cannot complete your form within 30 minutes, we will stop and estimate how long this will take. If we have completed 10 out of 40 questions in 30 minutes, we will estimate that to complete the form will take 2 hours and we will send you an invoice of USD$400 to complete the rest of the form.

The reason for this is that it's impossible for us to scale this. If we spend two hours developing the product or update the documentation or anything like that, it benefits most/all customers. If we spend 2 hours filling out a Security Questionaire for you, that benefits exactly zero other customers and why we feel it's not justifiable spending a lot of free time doing that.


If there's something here that doesn't work for you — if you need to update your form and you cannot do so for whatever reason, feel free to contact your preferred reseller (that you already have a vendor relationship with) to purchase a LiquidFiles license on your behalf.