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LiquidFiles Documentation

Release Notes Version 3.7.x Beta

Please Note that LiquidFiles v3.7 is currently in Beta. The following applies to beta releases:
  • To update to Beta releases, you need to enable checking for Beta releases in Admin → System → Update, and then select the beta release at the same page.
  • Beta Releases are only available to Licensed LiquidFiles systems (not trial/demo).
  • Beta Release numbers begin at .51, so v3.6.51 is the 1st beta release of v3.7, v3.6.52 will be the 2nd beta release of v3.7, and so on.
  • Expect a faster release cycle for beta releases as we're working up towards the full release.
  • We're aiming for the same high quality as with non-beta releases, and any new functions and changes can introduce unforseen problems. We will release fixes quickly when anything is discovered.

Major changes from version 3.6 to version 3.7

  • Added Web based API authentication — this enables all authentication requirements same as for web logins when authenticating to the API such as Strong 2-Factor Authentication.
  • Expiring API Keys — when using the Web based API authentication, the API keys will be configured to expire after a default of 30 days which will prompt users to re-authenticate in the Outlook plugin, Windows and Mac Agent and the IOS app.
  • Added Support Address with link in the Menubar.
  • Added Recipient and Sender Aliases, including support for added Recipient and Sender aliases through LDAP.
  • Improved Secure Message View to make it easier to access and download when there's many attachments.
  • Filedrop API now uses expiring API keys.
  • Added Filedrop API functions for User Filedrops.
  • User Filedrops can now set Email Validation Requirements and send receipts to Senders.
  • File Upload API changes from /attachments to individual upload actions per function /message/attachments/upload,...
  • Added Email Sender Address Policy — a more flexible way to set sender addresses enabling users in local domains to send emails with their real emails while still sending external email accounts using the Email Sender Address.
  • Enabled HTTP/2 which will speed up subsequent page-loads in LiquidFiles and will provide a substantial improvement when using reverse proxies (please note that HTTP/2 only works over HTTPs).
  • Added Permission Policy Header
  • Postfix (Emaildrops incoming and sending emails) now require TLSv1.2 for both incoming and outgoing connections.
  • Updated libraries and functions such as Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Nginx, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL...

Version 3.6.54 (released 2022-11-21)

Everything included in v3.6.12, plus:

  • Compatibility fixes for Outlook plugin v2.1.x.
  • Added dropdown search for recipients in Filedrops, Emaildrops and FTPdrops.
  • Fixed issue reporting errors for file uploads when close to disk size limit (beta issue).
  • Fixed attachment size upload issue when user max set to zero.
  • Fixed download notification to sender, download URLs in receipts.
  • Updated the default Content Security Policy, setting the default-src to none, added font-src configuration.
  • Stronger input parameter validation on a lot of functions.
  • Updated JavaScript libraries.

Version 3.6.53 (released 2022-11-09)

  • Fixed an issue where the Outlook plugin wasn't working properly.
  • Increased the ssh rate limit max to 3600.

Version 3.6.52 (released 2022-11-07)

  • Fixed an issue adding pool files.
  • Remove email verification requirement when admin clicks validate.

Version 3.6.51 (released 2022-11-02)

  • Inital Beta Release.

Incompatibilities and Warnings

These are a few things you need to be aware of when updating to LiquidFiles v3.7.

Content-Type update for API calls

Before LiquidFiles 3.7, it was possible to set the Content-Type to application/json and have the LiquidFiles API respond with JSON. This was not correct and the correct header to set was and is the Accept header (curl -H "Accept: application/json" in the LiquidFiles curl examples). If you're using the API, please make sure that tyou set the Accept header to application/json.

API Deprecations

Form Based API uploads

It's no longer possible to use Form based file uploads. Form based file uploads have been listed as being deprecated for a few years now in favour of binary file uploads. Up until v3.6 it was still possible to use Form base file uploads but starting with v3.7 it's no longer possible.

Previous Attachment Upload API will be deprecated after v3.7

Up until v3.6, the /attachments and /attachments/binary_uploads API functions have been global functions for most (all except shares) uploads. The Form based /attachments upload function was deprecated in this release and the /attachments/binary_uploads API will be deprecated in the next major release. The supported way moving is to use individual functions such as /message/attachments/upload moving forward.

XML API will be removed after v3.7

From LiquidFiles v3.0.x, LiquidFiles has migrated from XML towards JSON for all API functions. There's still some old functions that have been kept around since they where there and working. After this release all XML API functions will be removed and you will be required to use JSON for the LiquidFiles API moving forward.