LiquidFiles Documentation
Please Note that LiquidFiles v3.3 is currently in Beta. The following applies to beta releases:
  • To update to Beta releases, you need to enable checking for Beta releases in Admin → System → Update, and then select the beta release at the same page.
  • Beta Releases are only available to Licensed LiquidFiles systems (not trial/demo).
  • Beta Release numbers begin at .51, so v3.2.51 is the 1st beta release of v3.3, v3.2.52 will be the 2nd beta release of v3.2, and so only.
  • Expect a faster release cycle for beta releases as we're working up towards the full release.
  • We're aiming for the same high quality as with non-beta releases, and any new functions and changes can introduce unforseen problems. We will release fixes quickly when anything is discovered.

Major changes from version 3.1 to version 3.2 beta

  • Placeholder.

Version 3.2.51 (released 2018-02-23)

LiquidFiles v3.3 Beta Release 1

This release has all fixes included in v3.2.x, plus:

  • First v3.3 Beta release.

Incompatible API changes between v3.2 and v3.3.

You can trust that within a major release (within 3.0.x and within 3.1.x and so on) there are no changes that breaks anything that uses the API. You can pretty much always also count that between major releases there's almost always something that will break, as the product is constantly improved.