LiquidFiles Documentation
Please Note that LiquidFiles v3.2 is currently in Beta. The following applies to beta releases:
  • To update to Beta releases, you need to enable checking for Beta releases in Admin → System → Update, and then select the beta release at the same page.
  • Beta Releases are only available to Licensed LiquidFiles systems (not trial/demo).
  • Beta Release numbers begin at .51, so v3.1.51 is the 1st beta release of v3.2, v3.1.52 will be the 2nd beta release of v3.2, and so only.
  • Expect a faster release cycle for beta releases as we're working up towards the full release.
  • We're aiming for the same high quality as with non-beta releases, and any new functions and changes can introduce unforseen problems. We will release fixes quickly when anything is discovered.

Major changes from version 3.1 to version 3.2 beta

  • Added User Addressbook where users can add individual and groups of email addresses at once.
  • Changed the method of using previous email addresses. Now there's a separate table where previous addresses are stored, and a user can delete an address they wish to remove without having to delete messages.
  • Added Password protection feature to Filedrops.
  • Added Email sender validation to Filedrops.
  • Added Private Message feature to Filedrops.
  • Display a users Filedrops, i.e. Filedrops where the user is a listed recipient in the Account settings.
  • Added SSH Key authentication to FTPdrops and FTPdirs.
  • Added File Requests Multi-Use. When enabled a File Request won't expire after a single use.
  • Removed the disk speed test as a daily task, it's now available using the `ft disk_speed` command line when required.
  • Updated API for the shares log.
  • Internal cleanups, route/url changes.
  • Updated to later system versions of Ruby, Ruby on Rails, ...

Version 3.1.53 (released 2017-11-16)

LiquidFiles v3.2 Beta Release 3

This release has all fixes included in v3.1.10, plus:

  • Fixed a problem with User Filedrops.
  • The System Filedrops tab in Account was visible even with no available Filedrops.

Version 3.1.52 (released 2017-11-15)

LiquidFiles v3.2 Beta Release 2

This release has all fixes included in v3.1.10, plus:

  • Fixed a problem removing the license.
  • Filedrop Private Message email template could not be edited.

Version 3.1.51 (released 2017-11-14)

LiquidFiles v3.2 Beta Release 1

This release has all fixes included in v3.1.9, plus:

  • First v3.2 Beta release