LiquidFiles Documentation

Version 3.2.5 (released 2018-03-27)

  • Ensure that the email validation links doesn't expire until after the 60 minute timeout.
  • Fixed a problem where the `ft` command line sometimes wouldn't work.
  • Better handling of API requests with invalid syntax.

Version 3.2.4 (released 2018-03-20)

  • Fixed missing translation for messages sent view.
  • Fixed a problem where FTPdrop prefill parameters didn't work.
  • Fixed an issue with ftpdrop filenames beginning with a dot (.).

Version 3.2.3 (released 2018-03-13)

  • Better error messages for the API when messages can't be deleted.
  • Re-Added XML support to sent and inbox controller.
  • Added group, filedrop urls and file request api info to client info request

Version 3.2.2 (released 2018-03-06)

  • Fixed an issue migrating from LiquidFiles v2.6.x.
  • Fixed editing the mailtemplate user signup requests.
  • Fixed an issue moving folders in shares.
  • Ensure ZIP downlod filenames in shares are URL safe.
  • Added message_can_change_expiration to the API Client Info Request.
  • Fixed an issue using the API call to list the /messages/inbox.
  • Fixed an issue uploading certificates using PFX files.

Version 3.2.1 (released 2018-03-01)

  • Security: Updated SAML library to fix CVE-2017-11428.
  • Added option to remove network limits when adding and resetting an admins from the command line.

Version 3.2.0 (released 2018-02-26)

  • Added User Addressbook where users can add individual and groups of email addresses at once.
  • Changed the method of using previous email addresses. Now there's a separate table where previous addresses are stored, and a user can delete an address they wish to remove without having to delete messages.
  • Added share email notifications.
  • Added User Activity View.
  • Added Regular Expression Pattern matching for message recipients.
  • Added Message Permission Recipients and Domains.
  • Added Password protection feature to Filedrops.
  • Added Email sender validation to Filedrops.
  • Added Private Message feature to Filedrops.
  • Added support for FTPdrop sessions - all files uploaded in a single session is not processed as one FTPdrop, not individual files.
  • Display a users Filedrops, i.e. Filedrops where the user is a listed recipient in the Account settings.
  • Added SSH Key authentication to FTPdrops and FTPdirs.
  • Overwrite protection for FTPdirs.
  • Added a setting to enable/disable traditional unencrypted FTP for FTPdrops and FTPdirs.
  • Added File Requests Multi-Use. When enabled a File Request won't expire after a single use.
  • Removed the disk speed test as a daily task, it's now available using the `ft disk_speed` command line when required.
  • Added System Mail Queue interface.
  • Changed the Email rendering to automatically insert Style/CSS tags in each affected tag to make Stylesheets more useable in more email applications.
  • Reworked the Email templates including the default styles from the Foundation project.
  • Added Password Dictionary validation.
  • Updated API for the shares log.
  • Added PDF preview in shares.
  • Don't try to SAML authenticate messages and links that doesn't require authentication.
  • Internal cleanups, route/url changes.
  • Changed database character set to UTF8mb4 (4 character UTF8) to enable storing the full UTF8 character set, i.e. Emoticons.
  • Updated to later system versions of Ruby, Ruby on Rails, ...

Incompatible API changes between v3.1 and v3.2.

You can trust that within a major release (within 3.0.x and within 3.1.x and so on) there are no changes that breaks anything that uses the API. You can pretty much always also count that between major releases there's almost always something that will break, as the product is constantly improved.

  • The /sent URL is now /messages/sent
  • The /messages URL is now /messages/inbox
  • The Admin Group API use_specified is now can_use_specified
  • The Admin Group API use_specified_and_domains is now can_use_specified_and_local
  • A lot of client info request changes for consistency. The old requests will be removed in v3.4. Please see the Client Info Request API documentation for more info.